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Thanks for visiting us at Law Tech USA, LLC. If you are interested in redesigning an existing website or building a completely new website, you have come to the right place.
At LawTechUSA.com, we take all of the mystery out of web design and law firm marketing and provide you with the website you want, making you proud of both its appearance and profitability

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To put it clear and simple, the three most important things a business website should do are:

To allow you to make a profit, not just break even or in worse cases, lose money. Any business website that does not provide a return on your investment is a liability rather than the asset that it should be.

And simultaneously work to expand it with the addition of new clients. Many law firms find themselves swimming against the tide as they seem to gain clients but also lose clients to competitors. This happens often because the clients were unaware that the lawyer or law firm they previously used was experienced in, and could have helped them with their new case.

When used properly, a well-designed website will provide you with the opportunity to keep in touch with your existing clients' base so that when they or someone they know require additional legal services, they will think of you first and reach out to you when those needs arise.

We will help you to keep your law firm and services on your clients' radar and keep them from searching for another law firm in their time of need. This will help improve your overall repeat business and referral rates.

Which will allow users to feel that they are on the right website and that your law firm is fully capable of meeting their needs. Your website will often be the first impression that potential clients will have of your law firm. That first impression should be nothing short of extremely positive, or you run the real risk of losing any chance at signing the client.

Through our knowledge of website design and law firm marketing including, client base growth and retention techniques, color scheme marketing, and calls to action, we will create a strategy that will help you to stand out and shine in even the most competitive legal markets in the USA.


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    We have over 15 years of experience in law firm marketing, web design, and internet marketing.

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    Professionally written content

    Our website content will be written by a seasoned, qualified, and licensed attorney working together with an experienced law firm marketing professional to maximize the effectiveness of your website, content, and message.

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    Your own website

    Unlike many of our national competitors, we do not keep ownership of your completed website. The website we design for your law firm is your property with no additional commitment beyond our original agreement.

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