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Three ways to page one:

There are basically three ways to get to the top of search engine results pages (SERPS).
  • Step One

    The first is known as “Pay Per Click”. This method requires you to sign up for an advertising account with each search engine’s ad platform. For instance, Google’s ad platform is known as “Google Adwords”. Once these advertising accounts are established, you will be allowed to bid against other law firms for various keywords and phrases used by internet searchers such as “Car accident lawyer Hartford, CT”. If your bid is among the winning bids, your advertisement will be displayed at the top of search engine result pages along with ads from other law firms with winning bids. Each time someone clicks on your ad, you will be required to pay the search engine company an amount equal to your winning bid. A common concern shared by many law firms is that “clicks” do not necessarily turn into business so it is possible that you could receive a sizable monthly bill with little to no return on your investment.
  • Step Two

    The second method is to get properly listed on each search engine’s local map system with a well-designed informational listing. The map listings appear immediately after the search engines advertising platform section. Some of these ads are free to business owners while others require an annual fee. Whether free or paid, these business listings can be very important to your law firm’s internet presence. Unfortunately, far too often these business listings are not properly set up and are missing important information and attributes that could make the difference between actually appear or not appearing for various searches. As a client of LawTechUSA.com, you will be entitled to consult with us at no additional fee to ensure that your listings are properly established.
  • Step Three

    The third method is thought by many search engine professionals to be the most successful and affordable, and it is known as search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a series of processes that allows your well-designed website to appear competitively for various search terms on the organic search results. These are the websites that appear after the paid advertising and on the business map systems which sometimes are at the beginning of the search results page