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David E. Buckley, Esq.

In the past 10 years, I have had no less than four websites designed by professionals promising greater results than the previous provider. Only Law Tech USA has delivered on that promise. In the matter of a few short months, Buckley Law Offices PC is placing on the first page in our market, and consistently places first in our practice areas, resulting in increased call volume and business. I highly recommend Law Tech USA.

Buckley Law Offices, PC - Nashua, NH

Attorney Christopher Cava

Hi, I am Attorney Christopher Cava. I run a high volume law practice in Springfield, MA that concentrates in Personal Injury. Our firm has been a customer of Law Tech USA for over six years with the following services: law firm marketing, website design, website hosting, website optimization, and email hosting. Within a few short months of switching to Law Tech USA, our newly designed website, cavalawfirm.com, began placing on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many other search engines. We are routinely found at or near the very top of the search results for many of the most competitive law firm search terms in the legal industry for our city and state, including the following:

Personal injury lawyer, Car accident lawyer, Motorcycle accident lawyer, Truck accident lawyer, Medical malpractice lawyer, Wrongful death lawyer, Workers compensation lawyer, Slip and fall lawyer, Pedestrian accident lawyer, Dog bite lawyer.

These results have been consistent since signing up with Law Tech USA. I find their technical support to be superior with quick responses to questions and technical changes to the function of the website and email. Law Tech USA cares about their customers. They understand the competitive nature of legal industry and offer great products at great prices. Switch your website marketing and management service for the last time. Your loyalty will be a testament to your satisfaction with their product, performance, and service.

Cava Law Firm - Springfield, MA

Attorney Tina Sypek D'Amato

I am a lawyer that advertises on the web. I have been with Law Tech USA for several years now and I am happy with their ability to keep me on the first page of Google and keep their prices reasonable. In addition, customer service is accessible and prompt in responding, most of the time answering the phone immediately and even making office or home visits. I am always kept up to date on the newest products and services and my representative is very knowledgeable; he can explain the value of services in laymen's terms so that I can understand the value of the technology. There is no hard sale. I am very happy with Law Tech USA and intend to continue working with them.

Tina Sypek D'Amato - Bridgeport, CT